5 Years of YWAM Trentino

Standing together in prayer with the youth of the valley

By Paolo Tiralongo, YWAM Trentino staff

What were your favorite moments during the 5 year anniversary week?

There was a moment during one of the mornings, it must have been Wednesday when we had worship. Some of the people took time to invite others up to the front to pray for God's movement in the valley. One by one the people came up and it was very powerful.

Afterwards, some of the staff felt they should pray specifically for the youth in the region. There were two young people from the valley who came forward as representatives, so we gathered around them to pray. It was a deep moment with God and the Holy Spirit, and we were able to experience Him in a physical and spiritual way.

During the week I also enjoyed seeing the interactions with the local people. We had many moments to interact and invite people over for meals and intentional times. This gave us the opportunity to meet the people that have helped us over the last 5 years of pioneering the base.

One evening we invited our local connections to meet in a restaurant to eat pizza together. It was a great time to celebrate the history of YWAM Trentino as well as honor the people that came. We met with people from local churches, council members, landlords and friends. It was awesome to see them during the evening as well as some of them over the course of the week.


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