Faith for space

A testimony of God’s provision for the DTS arrival

Elisabetta Perrone, Cammino DTS co-leader

When we started planning for the Cammino DTS a lot of students started to apply. We understood very soon that we would need more space for them to stay. Not only for sleeping, but for space to hang-out together, to read and to be.

We started to search and through a connection we found 2 apartments very close to the base. As well as that, we were talking about our needs in the cafe below our base. By now, we know everyone that works there and one of the workers overheard our conversation. On her own initiative she came over and started to tell us about a B&B she knew of that would be empty for 3 months with a lot of space.

At this point we thought we wouldn't need it but she pushed for us to check it out. Soon after she got in touch with the owner to meet us. And thankfully she did! Three weeks before the DTS was about to start the initial 2 apartments fell through!

As soon as we stepped foot into the B&B we saw that it was perfect, 2 floors with a loft and a lot of bedrooms. Too beautiful to be true. As well as that, the owner was flexible and let us make changes to the space. We could add bunk-beds and turn it into a community place for people to come and go. It was such an incredible blessing. We are expanding in different ways as a base and God is here leading us in that.


Our location

Arco, Italy