The Vision

We are called To Know God and to Make Him Known in Trentino, Italy and worldwide


The vision is clear:

  • The people of Italy will have an opportunity to respond to the Good News of Jesus.
  • Young people from Italy and worldwide will be mobilised, equipped and released into world mission.

Why Trentino, Italy?

Italy is known as a nation that has carried Christianity in its veins for many years and centuries. Italians have traveled all across the planet with the gospel, and Catholic missionaries were known for a life of prayer & devotion, living selfless lives of care for the poor and needy, starting communities of prayer & care, schools and hospitals and much more.

Although 75% of Italy seems to be Catholic statistically, only 25% of the population is considered practising believers. However, different statistics show that only 1% of the population of 60 million people are Bible believing Christians. (See, for instance: Italy is a mission field.

Some would say the meaning of the word 'Catholic' could be translated to ‘holistic’ and we believe God wants to make himself known to Italians as a God who is involved in a holistic way, relevant to all areas of life. We believe God wants to move in all of Italy once again, resulting in a whole new wave of Italian missionaries going into the nations, knowing God and making Him known!

YWAM Trentino is strategically placed in Italy’s Northernmost region called Trentino, known for:

  • A rich spiritual history dating back to the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation
  • The university of Trento, which is known for its high-quality international courses and programs
  • The amazing combination of the beauty of the Alps and the Mediterranean climate and culture with lots of opportunities to find God's fingerprint in the beauty of his creation.

What are we doing?

As we’re pioneering this new YWAM Operating Location, we believe we’re supposed to focus on three key areas – at least initially, but not exclusively:

Outdoor Adventures

Many adventurers dive into the playground of God’s creation, looking for something bigger than life and an opportunity to give a sense of meaning to their lives. We believe God has left his fingerprint all over his creation for us to enjoy his creativity and know the truth of who He is.

YWAM Trentino is the right place to be launched into a lifetime of adventure. We want to create opportunities for young people to enjoy God’s creation while encountering the Creator, and discovering the lifetime of adventure that awaits us as we partner with a living God. Trentino is well known for its diversity of outdoor opportunities and we believe God is using this to draw people into His creation in order to meet the Creator.

Global Mission

Countless young believers are looking for a sense of adventure in their lives. It is our desire to raise up young people to go to those places that are hardest to reach, embracing physical barriers merely as stepping stones into the nations.

YWAM Trentino is a launching pad into missions, especially focusing on the global outdoor adventure scene, as well as those places on earth that are hardest to reach in the eyes of those who prefer to stay on the beaten tracks.

Local Impact

There is a spiritual hunger in the land of Italy that exceeds religion. As in huge parts of Europe, people are tired of being told what to do, but are hungry for authenticity. We believe God wants to raise up disciples of Jesus, who simply make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples.

YWAM Trentino is a vibrant community of believers who are passionately convinced that the gospel touches every aspect of life for every person, and it’s the biggest adventure to discover true meaning in life given by the One who created it for us to walk in. (Ephesians 2:10)


Dream with us a little...

Outreach Projects

We are a growing community of YWAM missionaries who are committed to finding new ways to reach out to the people of Italy and not just share the good news, but be the good news to them. We try to partner with other believers where we can to grow in prayer, evangelism, acts of kindness, equipping of believers and see Italy impacted with the Gospel. Besides the local projects in Trentino we long to see a multiplication of fruitfulness into other parts of Italy as well as other places in the nations.

Mission Training

Our Discipleship Training School is the core of our mission training. There will be lots of opportunities with events from anything between an evening, a day, a weekend or longer and all are focused to equip believers to live a lifestyle of prayer and missions and send each other out to be more fruitful in the fields we are called. Besides the DTS and short term events we are planning to have more training schools to see young people mobilised, equipped and released into missions in other parts of Italy, other parts of Europe and worldwide. Read more about YWAM's University of the Nations at:

A YWAM Base in Italy

We dream to have our own place where we can be family on a mission, a place to host our guests, have big events, run our training programs, send out our teams, and be a thriving and growing YWAM Community in the northernmost region of Italy. Want to know more about the vision and plan to see these dreams fulfilled?

We believe these are God's dreams and we'd love to share more with you and invite you to partner with us to see God's dream come alive in Trentino! Connect with us today so that we can partner and step out in faith together!


Our location

Arco, Italy